Symptoms, Causes and Treatment to Take in Case of Vaginal Bleeding

vaginal bleedingWomen at any age should be concerned if they experience abnormal or excessive vaginal bleeding. It is imperative to quickly identify and analyze the reason for the irregular flow. Problems with the vagina or the uterus are the most common causes; however there is a chance that the bleeding is from a different source. If so it has to be traced and the required treatment administered. For quick assistance, here are some symptoms, causes and treatments to take in case of this syndrome.

What are the causes of irregular vaginal bleeding and what is the risk? Irregular vaginal bleeds could take place between normal menstrual bleeds; it may take the form of heavy bleeding. For postmenopausal women, it could occur after many years. Inter-menstrual bleeding or vaginal bleeding could be generally caused by a number of things.

Hormone imbalance that results in an early menstrual flow is one of the causes. It is by far the most common cause mostly experienced during the reproductive years. Injury to the vulva or vagina, sexual abuse and infections in the uterus also leads to vaginal bleeds. Unusual growths in the uterus such as polyps and fibroids cause bleeding. Some cancers such as cancer of the ovaries and cancer of uterus will also lead to bleeding. Vaginal bleeds can be experienced by expectant women too; it could be due to complications of pregnancy such as a threatened miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

While hormone imbalance is the most common cause, any such symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeds should not be taken for granted. Soliciting help from a gynecologist will assist you with this. A gynecologist studies the patient keenly to understand if there have been any complications such as bleeding disorders, surgeries or abortions. For productive women, they will note down on the number of children, terminated pregnancies and any medication taken and birth control practices. All these information is crucial for the doctor to identify some of the causes of the bleeding.

The professional will also take you through a pelvic examination tests to rule out some issues. A number of tests such as blood tests, pregnancy tests, endometrial biopsy, to name a few will be suggested depending on the results.

Common treatments to expect should include prescription hormones, bed rests and maybe surgery. After this, it is mandatory to take on frequent follow ups so that the recovery can be monitored. Too much vaginal bleeds could cause serious complications and anemia, seek medical attention if you notice vaginal bleeding.

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Men’s Health – An Impeccable Guide


Generally men ignore signs of poor health and avoid preventative measures by putting off their routine health checkups. Men are concerned about their health and visit the doctor only when problems shoot up. The stress and pressure of day to day life can cause a significant strain to men’s health. Understanding the risk factors clearly and taking measures to improve the overall health can minimize the occurrence of diseases.

Essential components of men’s health:

1. Obesity: Gaining of excess weight can be embarrassing and detrimental to health also. High intensity interval training can burn more calories and initiate quick weight loss.

2. Prostate health: Prostate health is of major concern especially for men who are approaching their 40’s. At this time they have to opt for a prostate examination and also take some form of natural prostate enhancer to aid prostate health.

3. Sexual dysfunction: As men grow older they may experience problems during any phase of sexual response cycle. However, upon doctor’s advice they can regain their fountain of youth.

4. Benign prostatic hyperplasia: This is a common urological problem and caused by a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. This outgrowth compresses the urethra and impedes the flow of urine. A routine checkup can help to identify the problem and decide whether surgery is needed, if in case significant symptoms appear.

5. Erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction is the inability of men to have a hard erection. This is a common problem encountered by most men as they grow old. Erection can also be affected by smoking, consumption of alcohol, stress, diabetes and obesity. Men should make sure that they have a good erection daily. If you have trouble in erection proper treatment should be resorted to avoid stress and relationship problems.

6. Cardiovascular health: Cardiovascular disease is considered as the leading cause of death in both men and women. To reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases men should quit smoking, eat a healthy diet, reduce the intake of foods rich in saturated fat and sodium, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, exercise moderately and maintain a healthy weight. Men should also manage stress and keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.

7. Osteoporosis: Men are also prone to the risk of osteoporosis due to usage of tobacco, excess consumption of alcohol, low calcium intake and physical inactivity. Men can reduce the risk of osteoporosis by restricting their consumption of alcohol and by including milk, cheese and yogurt in their regular diet.


We need to find a good Men’s Health Singapore Clinic. Incorporating lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on the length and quality of men’s health life. Men should be aware of the risks and resort to preventative measures to improve their overall health. It is also advisable that they indulge in regular screenings and routine health checkups.

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Know More about Women’s GP in Singapore

Women’s health is one area in your life that is certainly usually underestimated. Many individuals don’t give much thoughts towards the well-being of ladies. Women are faced by numerous dangers and that when not diagnosed during the early stages may lead to permanent problems in ladies and even death. Choice requires the mixture of the women and doctors to effectively address this issue.

At Dr. Tan and Partners women’s health has become given a lift by combining the most effective doctors available and arming these with the very best machines and technology to combat various illnesses. This combined with an ideal knowledge of the illnesses that face women makes it simpler to combat these illnesses effectively making women’s gp in Singapore where to obtain treatment.

A Few Of The Common Diseases That Affect Women Include:

1. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

Pelvic inflammatory disease is definitely an illness that affects top of the genital tract ladies. It affects organs for example the womb, ovaries, fallopian tube and the pelvic structures nearby. You will need to treat this PID disease early to prevent the complications that arise due to this disease which often have an impact on the woman’s fertility. PID is often transmitted through sex where an infection within the vagina moves upwards the genital tract infecting other organs. At Dr. Tan and Partners, you can control this ailment by early and timely treatment.

2. Contraception After Delivery

After delivery, your body starts adjusting and returning to your old-self. You’ll now start getting the menstrual periods back. At this times, you need to be concerned with your fertility and contraception work most effectively option. There are numerous forms of contraceptives that the lactating lady are able to use.

One contraceptive method is baby formula. Whenever you breast-feed consistently, this technique will trigger hormonal changes inside you which may suppress ovulation. However, this technique is employed by a little while of six months, which means you will want to look for alternative after that period.

Other contraceptive methods include using mini-pill, usage of implants, usage of intrauterine devices or using injections.

3. Vaginal Bleeding During Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a blessing. However, at times it is really an eventful journey where some women encounter myriads of problems. The type of concern is vaginal bleeding that’s encountered during early pregnancy. This really is during the time that this embryo is establishing itself in the womb. Although the view of blood in early pregnancy is frightening to say the least, it’s not at all harmful. However, you’ll need some professional visit to establish it is all totally in place, and that’s what Dr. Tan and Partners is here for.

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HIV Test in Singapore-Considerations you Should Know

HIV Test in SingaporeFor many years, HIV infection in Singapore may be deemed an ailment mainly for your sex workers and homosexuals. However, the perception started to difference in 2012 when newly diagnosed cases were reported. The face of HIV infection took a turn now even a lot of people locally are tested positive for your infection. With prevalence rates below 0.1%, the quantity of people coping with HIV on this country is pretty low, classifying becoming low-level epidemic.

However, with Singapore just as one international business and travel hub, and as well as high number of infections perfectly located at the surrounding Japan, there are worries that HIV is increasing. That is why everyone has to be tested and screened for the infection. HIV test in Singapore is carried out by healthcare providers from many hospitals, private medical clinics and polyclinics close to the nation. It’s only wise you get tested so that you can reduce or eliminate your chance of contracting this deadly virus.
What does quality involve?

When you visit a testing site, you are going to meet a professional health care professional who offer pre-test consultation. The doctor will need your blood samples (from your finger or arm) or oral fluid sample then test to the virus. Everything will likely be strictly confidential and should there be more events to be notified everything will be performed on your permission. With respect to the test to be utilized, you may be required to wait everything from minutes to days. However, Singapore features rapid HIV testing that may help you know your status in mere minutes.

When in case you have the HIV test?

There is a term referred to as “window period” that describes the duration between HIV infection and the indicators of the same appearing on test, like antigens and antibodies. It ranges from 3 to 3 months, a period where test can provide a false negative result. For accurate results, tests might be best conducted after this period.

Kinds of tests conducted

HIV test in Singapore is carried out in several solutions to determine if you are infected or otherwise. Included in this are rapid tests, P24 antigen tests, HIV antibody tests and Polymerase sequence of events test (PCR). When you were clinically determined to have HIV infection, there are additional tests which are performed to determine the extent of the virus infection. They’re CD4 and Viral load tests.

A report released by the secretary of state for health in Singapore demonstrates infected residents after a year ago were 6229, who 1671 passed away because of the infection. The quantity is likely to surge in the coming years. You should consider having a HIV test in Singapore to get rid of the perils associated with contracting this deadly virus and know how to protect yourself.